Emilee Mobley

Oral History Interview Reflection:

a.) I learned that sometimes it can be hard to figure out what questions to ask. The aspect I found most challenging was figuring out who to interview as I know many teachers that took part in the WV teacher strike that could have worked for this interview. The part I found most enjoyable was actually asking the questions and getting to hear the person I was interviewing’s response.

b.) I learned more about how the teachers were treated at the strike, what the atmosphere was like at the capital building, how other states saw the strike, and more about what Jim Justice did about the strike. I also learned the exact resolution because before I only new a few vague details.

c.) Conducting an oral history was actually a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be, and I had fun conducting mine. It was interesting to hear the answers to the questions I was asking first hand without having to go looking for them online.

e.) Some recommendations I have for improvements is maybe spacing the due dates out for everything in this unit, so that it’s not all due on the same day.

f.) This assignment is actually really interesting and fun to do. When researching oral histories I would focus on how the questions are worded, so as to help you come up with good critical thinking questions.

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