Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

I learned that conducting the interview took a good amount of preparation to get the best questions and answers. I found the most challenging part was coming up with questions that had open-ended answers. My favorite part was asking questions on the fly and improvising.

I learned the lasting effects of the teacher strike and how it inspired other teachers in other states.

The actual interview felt pretty natural. I think if I interviewed a stranger instead of my mom it would have felt a lot different.

In the final project, the interview allowed us to use inquiry-based learning by having us come up with open-ended questions and recording the other person’s responses. Students were allowed to analyze the interviewee’s questions and ask further questions for additional information

I would possibly recommend having a wider variety of topics so students can pick topics closer to their interests.

The project is what you make of it. If you put your best foot forward you may find answers that fascinate you. I would recommend starting early so you can get a head start on it and conduct the best interview possible.