Elli Kroeger

Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

a. I learned more about the interviewee’s point of view more than anything technical since I have used most of this material in some of my high school classes I was more familiar with it. The aspect I did find most challenging was using story corps although I have used this once for my high school class but I might’ve forgotten how to really use it after awhile. The aspect that was most enjoyable was interviewing and getting information from the interviewee and seeing his point of view from the protest. 

b. Something I did learn from the topic which was protests was how much bigger of an impact it takes on someone who attends and educates themselves before and during these protests. 

c. Actually conducting my own oral history interview was very fun and exciting, I felt as if I was on the famous list of interviewers like on the ones we chose from and it was very exciting.

d. I think this assignment fits the, Inquiry Based Thinking perfectly based on the definition because it perfectly fits in with “formulating focused questions” that you will get together and ask your interviewee and discovering new things from the interviewee’s answers and explanations. 

e. I got confused on using the story corps but the instructor did put videos for us to understand it that I overlooked at first and later found that helped. 

f. Tips and/or advice I would give a future FYS student is to conduct questions that mainly interest you because I was having trouble focusing on asking questions that really interested me, instead I tried asking questions I thought would be interesting to the instructor, which is fine but it distracted me.