Peyton Taylor

Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

I have never used the story corps app before so I thought it was very interesting that you can post oral histories like that and other people could listen to them. The app was very easy to use and walked you through the process very well. I thought the most challenging part was coming up with good questions that my interviewee could answer. The most enjoyable part was making the interview. I interviewed my aunt, so being able to listen to how the strike impacted her family was very interesting.

When the strike was taking place, I was a junior in high school. I knew some things about the strike, but not a lot. Randi explained in inner parts of the strike and how it affected the school and the teachers. I learned that the teachers were doing what they thought was best for the students and for their own job.

Conducting the oral history was very interesting and fun. I learned many new things about the school system and how the teachers put us before themselves every day. While interviewing Randi it made me feel very lucky to have someone like her as an aunt and a former teacher. It made me realize that teachers go through a lot to give us a good education.

I think the assignment meets the Inquiry Based Thinking skills very well. We had to formulate and collect focused questions to ask our interviewee. While giving the interview we had to draw conclusions and understand how our interviewee was involved in our topic.e. I think the project was very fun and interesting. I like how you gave us plenty of time to conduct everything and gave up step by step instructions. I would recommend keeping it how it is. It was very self-explanatory and very fun.

I would tell a future FYS student to pick a topic that they are interested in and, interview someone they know personally. I had so much fun learning about what my aunt went through with the school strike. Also pay attention and get the oral history done early so you have plenty of time to make changes if you need to.