Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

The technical parts I found most challenging involved the preparation for the interview on the app. However, the most enjoyable part of the interview process was being able to pause the audio so that me and my interviewee could take sips of water. 

I learned about the PPE protocol at the hospital which I was not aware of before. 

Conducting an oral history was a very interesting process. I did my interview with my mom and it felt very casual like a conversation. I thought she gave very well thought out answers and I was genuinely interested in what she was saying. 

I believe this assignment meets the learning outcome of inquiry based thinking. In preparation for this assignment we studied and observed other oral histories. When conducting the interview I was learning new information about COVID-19 from a nurse’s point of view. We also formulated well thought questions for the interview that didn’t require yes or no answers. 

I don’t have any suggestions for improvement! This was a very fun and fairly easy assignment. I like the fact that I will have this piece of audio to listen to forever.

I would tell a future student to put their heart into this project. When you immerse yourself in a project like this it just becomes more meaningful overtime.