Chanin Sungla

Oral History Interview Reflection:

Process: What did you learn about the technical parts of conducting an oral history interview? What aspect did you find most challenging? What aspect was most enjoyable?

 I learn about how to question for interview. Asking the open-end question is quite difficult but open-end question will let interviewee answer the interesting question that I never know before.

Content: What did you learn about the topic that you didn’t already know?

I can understand what they are thinking about topic and why they think in that way.

The experience overall: In previous modules, you learned about oral history. You had the chance to gain an understanding of what oral history is and what it is designed to do. You read about interview tips and best practices. And, you had the opportunity to examine closely one audio and/or video oral history and evaluate it.  How did actually conducting an oral history interview feel?  Share your reactions:

 I feel nervous to interview. But after I interview for a while I feel like “That’s not bad.”.

Suggestions for improvement: What recommendations do you have? If your instructor uses this assignment in future FYS sections, what changes would you recommend?

I think this assignment is not bad for student to practice to interview.

Finally, talk to a future FYS student about this project: What would you like to tell them about this assignment? What tips and/or advice would you offer a future FYS student as s/he begins examining oral histories and prepares to conduct one?

For student who will study in this class. The professor is good. Homework is not quite hard. Feel free to talk with her, she can help you more than you think.

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