Cassidy Evans

Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

  • Process: The most challenging part of conducting an oral history was having to use two devices at once to record and communicate was difficult. The aspect that was most enjoyable was simply hearing what the interviewee had to say and their stories.
  • Content: My topic was mumps and I learned to know for sure that you have mumps, you bring pickles close to your face and your jaws will lock up. I thought that was super interesting and a cool fact.
  • The experience overall: I found that it was still nerve racking even though I was the one interviewing. I think knowing I was recorded was the worst part and not personally knowing my interviewee would fall at a close second.
  • Inquiry Based Thinking: I think this assignment meets this learning outcome 100%. We had focused questions, researched what we were interviewing our interviewee on, we could analyze the data that was given to us and we were able to draw conclusions about what we heard from the interviewee.
  • Suggestions for improvement: I thought this assignment was fairly easy to be a final project, which is wonderful. It was not difficult at all, the only thing that was weird was trying to use two devices at once just to do the interview, only because that was the easiest way for my interviewee and me.
  • Future FYS student: Do not wait until the last minute to do your interview. Do it earlier if possible, it will lift weights off your shoulders. Do not be nervous, if anything this is your time to shine because you are the interviewer. Have everything written down so you don’t forget any points you want to go over.