Ty Spurlock

Oral History Interview

StoryCorps URLhttps://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/appalachian-coal-strikes/

Student Reflection

A. First I learned that there are numerous technicalities in the process. It is no as simple as sitting down and and asking queations. Waivers need signed and questions need drafted. I found it most challneging to try and communicate properly over the phone. I feel as if it is easier to interview with facial cues and body langauge. I enjoyed hearing the passion coming from my interviewee and how his beliefs hodl true today. 

B. I learned that sometimes the men would strike when they simply did not want to work. The strikes were not always over contracts or the unions. 

C. It felt like you were adding valuable stories and knowledge to the world. If we do not scribe these stories in some aspect, they will be lost forever. 

D. I think this projet used inquiry based thinking as you had to evaluate exisiting knowledge to be able to form questions for the interviewee. 

E. I believe we were very well prepared for ths project. The one suggestion I have is that the students have more time to practice the interviews with a variety of people in a variety of different settings to be better prepared for the final interview. 

F. This assignment is only a headache if you make it. This could turn into a very fun project if you let your creative mind take over. I suggest that you interview someone on a topic that interests you rather than a topic that will just get you a grade. Practice and practice again before the final interview.