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mupages.Marshall is designed to support professional sites for groups and individuals associated with Marshall University. From professional profiles that highlight scholarly and service activities, to personal blogs, pages for biographical statements, curriculum vitae, teaching overviews, course listings, research statements, and more. This easy-to-use platform is designed to allow the Marshall community a place to share work and explore sites from the entire HERD community. Is this the service for you? Well, if you answer yes to any of the questions below, click the button below to begin creating your online presence, here at Marshall.

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If you'd like to start your own website here at Marshall University, your journey starts here! mupages.Marshall is Marshall University’s free, easy-to-use online web platform that allows Marshall students and faculty to create, design and maintain their own website. Would you like to know how to get started making your own website and how can it help you in the future? Just click the link below.

General Help

WordPress for Students

Student sites are hosted at Each student is allowed one personal site per MUNET ID. Student sites are generally found at<yourMUIDUsername>. You can set up additional sites for events, classes, and organizations right from your site administration interface.

To create your personal site, go to

WordPress for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff sites are hosted at Each person is allowed one personal site. Your site, once created, will be found at<yourMUIDUsername>. You can set up additional sites for courses and organizations right from your site administration interface.

All Web sites created using WordPress must be developed in accordance to Marshall University's Office of Communication's Accessibility Standard, which follows WCAG 2.2 standards.

To create your personal site, go to

WordPress Assessor Role

As more and more students use WordPress for coursework and e-Portfolios, instructors and advisers need to be able to review student work. Unfortunately, students sometimes forget to grant access to their sites.

Teaching faculty and departments who regularly review student work can request an "Assessor" role that provides read-only access to any student WordPress site, regardless of the site's security settings. To request this role, simply send an email to with:

  • the name and MUNET Username of each person who needs this role
  • the purpose of the request
  • the dates (beginning and end) that the individuals will need Assessor privileges

WordPress for Courses and Orgs

MUNet users are allowed to create as many sites as they need for courses, learning, student organizations and groups that are directly affilliated with Marshall Unversity. These sites are found at<yourchosensitename>.

Your site name may be of your choosing, providing it meets all requirements and limitations of MU IT and Office of Communications. The creator of the site is the primary owner, and will be responsible for the site, but you may specify others to be site administrators as well.

To create a site for your class or organization, go to

Using WordPress


The use of this and any other web based service must be in accordance with IT and MU Office of Communication's Acceptable Usage Standards.

Retention Timeline

Site Type Removal Conditions
Student site One year after leaving MU
Faculty site One year after leaving MU
Course site Two years of inactivity
Storage Capacity

Individual file uploads are restricted to 500 MB. Users are encouraged to use cloud based storage service, such as One Drive, for their data sharing needs.

Sites are allowed a maximum of one GB of storage space.

Site data caps can be modified, when the situation demands. To request a data cap modification, contact and provide a documented justification for your request.


It is every site owner's responsibility to make your individual site's content accessible to individuals with sensory or physical impairments, thus all sites must follow Marshall IT and Office of Communications Accessibility Standard. WordPress offers some additional information about accessibility, which you can find here.

Site Retention

To retain a site after leaving Marshall University, you may either migrate your site or transfer ownership.

  • Migrate your site.
  • Contact the IT Service Desk or the IT Web Team for assistance, and we will help you export your site for transfer to another host.

  • Transfer Ownership
  • The original creator of a site is the owner, regardless of any additional administrators who may have been added during the existence of the site. Course sites and other sites with historical or otherwise valuable current information may be passed along to a new owner, after the original owner's departure. It is the owner's responsibility to notify Marshall IT if a site needs to be retained by someone other than the original owner. Contact the Marshall IT Service Desk at for Web Site Ownership Transfer.

Requesting Plugins and Themes

Faculty and staff can request specific plugins and themes by submitting a request to Within three days, the new plugins will be added to the pre-production (pre-prod) system where they can be tested by other faculty and staff members. (The pre-production system can be accessed at from on campus or through the MU VPN.)

After plugins have been thoroughly tested in the pre-prod environment for at least two weeks, they can be moved to the live production environment for everyone to use. Marshall IT Web will move all new themes and plugins from pre-prod to production at the beginning of every semester, and at the halfway points of Fall and Spring semesters. In order to limit service disruptions, security updates will be the only changes applied to the prod system during the semester periods. MUIT will add all approved plugins that are requested, even if they are similar to ones that already exist on the network. Plugins that are not used for over 12 months will be disabled, and plugins with minimal usage could be removed after two years. To view a list of available plugins and themes on the mupages.Marshall WordPress system, check here.

Site Migration

To export a website, follow the instructions found here.

If you have an HTML site that you'd like to migrate to the mupages.Marshall WordPress, contact MUIT. You can also use the following tools: