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Welcome to mupages.marshall.edu! mupages.Mashall is a free, self-service tool for building and managing websites for university work. It offers design flexibility, integration with Marshall University systems, and substantial functionality through WordPress.

You will need to sign in with your Marshall SSO credentials in order to register and the site registration will need to be confirmed before your allowed access.

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Designed For

mupages.Marshall is designed to support professional sites for groups and individuals associated with Marshall University. From professional profiles that highlight scholarly and service activities, to personal blogs, pages for biographical statements, curriculum vitae, teaching overviews, course listings, research statements, and more. This easy-to-use platform is designed to allow the Marshall community a place to share work and explore sites from the entire HERD community. Is this the service for you?

  • Specifically designed for Marshall University groups, such as
    • departments,
    • centers,
    • research groups,
    • conferences,
    • programs/courses,
    • committees,
    • labs,
    • and student groups.
  • Individual faculty, students, and staff.


Feature Student Websites Faculty & Staff Websites Courses & Orgs Websites
Simple web interface – no need to  know HTML
Responsive themes that work on all devices
WCAG 2.0 accessible themes  *
WordPress plugins that offer additional features & functionality **
Number of sites allowed Limited to one personal site Limited to one personal site MUNet users are allowed to
create as many sites as
they need for courses, learning,
student organizations and
groups that are directly
affilliated with Marshall Unversity.
URL options *** Your site, once created, will be found at https://mupages.marshall.edu/sites/<yourMUIDUsername> Your site, once created, will be found at https://mupages.marshall.edu/sites/<yourMUIDUsername> Your site, once created, will be found at https://mupages.marshall.edu/sites/<yourChosenSiteName>
Website Retention **** One year after leaving MU One year after leaving MU Two years of inactivity

* All Web sites created using WordPress must be developed in accordance to Marshall University’s Office of Communication’s Accessability Standard, which follows WCAG 2.2 standards.

** Faculty and staff can request specific plugins and themes by submitting a request to myadmin@marshall.edu. For a list of currently available plugins.

*** Courses & Orgs site names may be of your choosing, providing it meets all requirements and limitations of MU IT and Office of Communications.

**** To retain a site after leaving Marshall University, you may either migrate your site or transfer ownership.



Get Help

If you need help setting up for site, are having trouble with a plugin, or theme request assistance from IT Web Service, or visit the mupages.Marshall FAQ page.