Currently Activated Plugins


Requesting Plugins and Themes

Faculty and staff can request specific plugins and themes by submitting a request to New plugins will be evaluated to determine if the plugin is accepted or rejected, and if accepted it will be installed within three days of acceptance. (The pre-production system can be accessed at from on campus or through the MU VPN.)

After plugins have been thoroughly tested in the pre-prod environment for at least two weeks, they can be moved to the live production environment for everyone to use. Marshall IT Web will move all new themes and plugins from pre-prod to production at the beginning of every semester, and at the halfway points of Fall and Spring semesters. In order to limit service disruptions, security updates will be the only changes applied to the prod system during the semester periods. MUIT will add all approved plugins that are requested, even if they are similar to ones that already exist on the network. Plugins that are not used for over 12 months will be disabled, and plugins with minimal usage could be removed after two years.