mupages.Marshall provides the Marshall University community a place to easily establish a professional online presence. But, simply having access to great tools is not enough, you have to know how to utilize the tools to develop an online profile that represents you, your project, or your group effectively.  Here, we offer you some easy to follow how-to’s to help you get the most from your experience here at mupages.Marshall.

  • A professional profile that highlights scholarly, pedagogical, and service activities, with pages for a biographical statement, curriculum vitae, teaching overview and course listing, research statement and more.
  • A portfolio of projects, both in process and completed, that can be used to demonstrate skills and experiences. Regular posts can share progress on ongoing projects in the field or in the classroom.
  • A forum to enable sharing among community members who might otherwise be separated geographically or by discipline.
  • A site to host and share resources, notes, and collections of digital materials.
  • A site created for use in a class or as a group project (assuming the site is ultimately owned and managed by one individual).


To get started with creating your own mupages.Marshall website, be sure to check out the following links: