Oral History Interview

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Student Reflection

I learned a lot of technical parts of conducting an oral history. The aspect that was most challenging for me was making time to do it on both ends. I had to rush my oral history because the other person had to be somewhere and could not go into a lot of detail. The most enjoyable would have to be experiencing what the other person goes through or does on a daily. I learned that even though some people does not want to wear a mask they have to because covid could harm some of their family. The experience overall was enjoyable, but I wish I had more time with the person because there could have been more detail in the oral history. I think this assignment meets the learning outcome of inquiry-based thinking because instead of only seeing your side of the story, it shows you other people’s thoughts and views. Some improvements need to be to get ahold of the person ahead of time and give yourself enough time to talk about your topic. The only tip I have for this assignment is to give yourself time. My interviewee had to be somewhere and I could not do a lot about it.