Noah has not had the opportunity to work a full-time professional job while in school due to being a student-athlete on the men’s soccer team. It has been challenging to find extra time to work outside of my many responsibilities, fortunately he has been able to utilize his soccer abilities to coach youth teams and camps in the offseason. Typically, in the fall Noah is much busier than the spring, so he has been able to work with boys and girls club soccer teams ranging from 6-12 years old after class most days of the week. Also, over the summer when Noah is off from team training and class, he has had the opportunity to work with local soccer camps in Huntington and back home in Maryland.

Community Involvement

What Noah has had the chance to do for the community here in Huntington but also back home in southern Maryland is working with the youth through soccer camps and coaching. The kids are there to learn the sport and become better players, but this is also a very important time to help them develop into the young people they are meant to be. Noah is able to work with different kids each day to see if they are doing okay off of the field, he gets to learn what they are going through at school and at home and ultimately, he does what he can to help them through it. This is also a great time to teach young kids how to interact with one another in a competitive and team environment. For a very long time, Noah worked at his father’s soccer camps for free just because he truly enjoyed working with these young kids and helping them in whatever way possible.

Skills & Abilities

Noah has many important skills for the professional business world. He is always on time; Noah believes being on time for everything you do is one of the most important things you can do to leave an impression on those around you. Noah is great at working in a team and leading a team, he has played competitive soccer his whole life and this has given him the ability to refine the teamworking skills and leadership skills necessary for the business world. From the ages of 12-16 Noah was the captain of his club soccer team where he had to bring a much more mature attitude to the sport than most others my age. In classes where Noah has been put into groups, he typically takes charge and helps the group stay on task while also balancing with listening/working with each member to make sure the group is doing what everyone believes is best. At the end of this current semester, Noah will be certified in Microsoft Word and Excel. He is able to work efficiently and effectively in any environment and has also learned through experience that hard work is the most important key to success. In anything Noah does, he tries to put as much time as he can into it, making sure that whatever it is. is as close to perfect as he can get it. Whether it is staying out on the soccer field after practice to do extra reps, asking for feedback from professors on assignments and trying to correct his mistakes, and even going to office hours in courses where he can feel himself not fully grasping current concepts. Lastly, Noah has developed great problem-solving skills from a very young age. For his 8th birthday, Noah’s parents gave him a Rubik’s cube that he ended up solving within the first month of receiving. Noah has had to solve problems on the soccer field and within teams he has played for. He also tries to think very critically in any situation that requires such.