Hobbies and Other Information

Personal Life

Noah grew up in a family of 4, his parents Carrie Raphael (Mom), Charlie Raphael (Dad), and a sister, Emma. He currently has 3 dogs back in Maryland, 2 pugs named Arthur and Millie and a Golden retriever named Henry. He also has a girlfriend named Mia Hoetzlein-Sirman who graduated from Pittsburgh University in Fall 2021 and is getting ready to attend Duquesne Law school in Fall 2022. Mia has a dog of her own that Noah gets to take care of, his name is Duncan and is also a pug.


Like previously stated, Noah has played soccer his whole life and would like to continue doing so for as long as possible. If down the road Noah is given the opportunity to play professional soccer he will definitely take advantage of the chance. Before any other current goals, that has been Noah’s dream since he was very little.

These are a few links to Noah playing soccer at Marshall in games and in practice: