Hobbies and Interests


I enjoy graphic art and design. I was never really a good artist with a pencil and paper, but for some reason creating content digitally in that way comes easy to me. I enjoy doing commissions for friends and family. I love photography and do it on the side, specifically sports and graduation photos. I love to write and aspire to one day write my own fiction novel. I have a creative brain so anything that allows me to share ideas and express myself is something that I enjoy. I enjoy dance and yoga. Those are my favorite ways to exercise and calm down when I am having a stressful week or am feeling anxious. I also love staying organized and making to-do lists and pros and cons lists.

An example of my graphic art, created on Procreate.
A mood board, created with Canva


I am passionate about many things. I am passionate about my morals and my beliefs and that is how I get through life. I will not compromise my belief or morals for a job and will stand by that for the rest of my life. I am passionate about social impact movements and making sure that we, as a country and a world, progress forward rather than backwards. Sustainability and environmental initiatives to make our businesses, homes, and corporations more eco-friendly are issues that I am passionate about and are important to me.