My Career Experience

I have had many internships, jobs, and leadership positions. My freshman year of college, I joined a sorority. I then became the Community Service chair where I gained event planning experience and networking through planning 14 community service events and collaborating with local nonprofit and other student organizations to co-host for some of the events. I then became the Public Relations and Social Media chair, where I ran the social media accounts as well as created a monthly newsletter that went to parents and alumni. I also submitted a monthly story about one of our events or a member to our national headquarters to be featured in The Lamp (the national sorority’s magazine). My junior year I was elected the Vice President of Public Relations for the Panhellenic Council, the governing body of Marshall’s 4 sororities. In this position, I played multiple roles as the social media manager, public relations liaison between Panhellenic and Marshall University, communications manager, and marketing director. I made sure that we reached women all across campus from freshman to seniors to join a sorority and to publicize our events to not only Marshall’s campus but also to the Huntington community. I also had weekly meetings with Marshall officials. I have been the social media manager for The Parthenon since the summer of 2021. I schedule posts from our website to social media platforms, help design the print paper, and make sure that all stories that go up on our website are posted on 1 or all 3 of our social media platforms in a timely manner. I recently started two internships. The first is as a Digital Communications Inter for Delta Zeta National Headquarters where I interview and curate weekly posts, create TikTok, Instagram, and long-form videos, and will get to travel to events this summer. The second is in the Marshall University Communications office as a Social Media Intern where I attend weekly meetings, curate and create social media content, and help run the TikTok. I also go to Marshall events as need to get content and conduct interviews.

Career Goals

            I want to work in the entertainment industry or in the travel industry. I have always loved pop culture and visiting other states and countries, so I think that both of those fields will be a great fit for me. I want to work as a social media manager or coordinator or community engagement marketing. I love talking to people and meeting new people as well. I want to work with all types of people and in all types of places. I am not someone that has had a set goal path, because there are so many different paths I could take and jobs that I want to do. I will just go where my future jobs take me.         

My Future Career

These are some potential future jobs that I could get with my current degree or with my future MBA in Marketing!

Henri’s Cloud Nine: Social Media Coordinator

Henri’s Cloud Nine is a dress shop specializing in prom, bridal, and pageant attire based in Minerva, Ohio. They are most known for providing extravagant dresses for women competing in beauty pageants and bridal gowns. The Social Media Coordinator position is based out of their Columbus, OH location that gets the most consumer traffic. They only have the two locations, so it is a smaller scale boutique.  This position is in their marketing department.

Washington Nationals: Manager, New Media

            The Washington Nationals are an MLB team based in Washington, D.C. This is a global corporation, as it is a part of MLB Sports. The New Media Manager position is all about coordinating social media content and spearhead social media campaigns. This position is under the Senior Communications Manager. This is a sports corporation, so a majority of the content is created in action as games are going and requires a knowledge of the sport and its rules.

EF Gap Year: Content and Social Media Manager

            EF Gap Year is a branch of the Education First family. This position works with high school students taking a gap year from college and providing them with a unique learning experience in another country. This is a global corporation based out of Cambridge, MA that works with people all across the world to coordinate these trips. The provide transportation to and from countries, book hotels, and give excursion opportunities to gain hands-on experiences with the culture. This position is a part of their marketing and communications department.