Workplace Goals

The following is a list of potential workplaces Molly is interested in. Each has included with it a link to the company’s webpage and a general description.

Local Impact Marketing Agency

            Local Impact is a digital marketing agency based out of Putnam County, West Virginia with a nation-wide reach and a local perspective. It is a company made up of a small team of diverse specialist, including a director of business development, web developer, social media manager(s), sales representative, technology manager, and search engine optimization specialist(s). Local Impact described the mission of their company as follows:  

We are a results-driven agency that will never be satisfied with aesthetically beautiful websites, cute social media posts, or cleverly written text that produce zero results for our clients. Results – we define as leads, conversions, and sales.

 (, 2022).

Headline Books Inc.

Headline books is a publishing house based out of Tera Alta, West Virginia which has been in business since 1988. It publishes a wide range of books and focuses on local authors from West Virginia and surrounding states. It is an acclaimed and award-winning independent publishing house. Moreover, in addition to their website, Headline Books sells through sites and venues such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other online bookstores.

Headline Books offers consulting for authors in areas such as marketing, book signings and other events, design and layout, workshopping, and pitching work to publishers. After graduating with a degree in creative writing and a minor in marketing, I feel as though I will have the education and versatility needed to do well at this consulting position and would be very interested in starting this position as an entry level hire if it was possible.

Morehead Marketing

Morehead Marketing is a family-owned marketing agency with roots in Ohio and West Virginia. This agency is focused on offering businesses, both local, national, and even international, such services as top notch marketing, graphic design, web design, and commercial photography ( Owners Jeff Morehead (Marshall graduate with degree in graphic design) and Becky Anderson (WVU graduate with degree in marketing) bring their artistic and marketing backgrounds, respectively, together in a hands-on management approach that allows their agency the versatility, adaptation, and success it has continued to see since its founding in 1995.