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This site allows viewers to navigate the professional and personal goals/skills of Marshall University student Molly O’Callaghan. It includes links and descriptions of Molly’s career goals, workplaces of interest, and skills and hobbies.

Author Biography:

I was born in Marietta, Ohio and grew up on a small farm 15 minutes north of Marietta in the town of Lowell. This is where I spent 19 years of my life before I moved to Huntington, West Virginia in 2019 to attend Marshall. Currently, I live on third avenue in Huntington part time in order to attend class on-campus and spend the summers with my family in Parkersburg, West Virginia just a couple hours north of Huntington. While I was in one place for many years of my life, moving to Huntington and subsequently to Parkersburg has broadened my experiences and allowed me a wider range of possibilities as a student and potential employee. Here, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a minor in Marketing as I continue to familiarize and involve myself with the wonderful community in Huntington.