Student Research


The work in Koc laboratory employs a battery of techniques and experiments to study the proteins for their identity and primary structure to answer questions related to mitochondrial energy production and its remodeling due to various dysfunctions including cancer.   The workflow used in this process involves multiple researches carrying out the work in which they have expertise. Refer to the research page for a summary of our research and a typical workflow for the proteomics work we do.

Over the years, we have identified pieces of this work that can be independently carried out by our PharmD students within a reasonable time.  While doing the parts of the lab work, students are still involved intellectually with the whole project.    This page is designed to provide the students the resources they need to carry out their work in our lab and learn about the big picture. 

Background reading


These are the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) initially developed by Dr. Koc and used / tested by students in previous years

Former MUSOP students who worked in Koc lab

  • Sarah Reger, Pharmacy Manager, Harris Teeter, Wake Forest, NC
  • Kyle Vaitukaitis, Ocean City, Maryland
  • Stephanie Walker, Walgreen, Auburndale, Florida
  • Stephan Ferro, Pharmacist at Publix Super Markets, Dunedin, Florida
  • Tyler D’Angelo, 
  • Megan Aronckes, Pharmacist, Giant Eagle,
  • Brandon Allman
  • Joel Turley
  • Michael Harless
  • Sitora Muhamedova, Clinical Pharmacist, Penn Medicine Lancaster, Greater Philedelphia, PA