Get Involved

Undergraduate research is an experience that both enriches and broadens a college students’ undergraduate years, and allows for students to gain critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills that will follow them into their years post-graduation. Undergraduate research is not only important to gain experience outside the classroom, but many students report an increased development in classroom skills gained through research or scholarship opportunities.

Dr. Shakirov’s lab has many different opportunities for the undergraduate students here at Marshall University. Our research is focused on the development of both fundamental and applied biology in medicine. The research that is conducted is centered around two major projects: investigating key genetic determinants (telomeres) in model plants and the identification of model bryophyte metabolites that exhibit antimicrobial activity to find out the medicinal properties of mosses. Both of these projects have undergraduate students assisting in the development and expansion of the research, with the help of graduate students and Dr. Shakirov. Though our work is centered around plant biology, any student interested in genetics, cell biology, ecology, or biochemistry is welcome to reach out to Dr. Shakirov about possible undergraduate research opportunities.