About Me

My name is Nicholas Martin, or Nick for short.  I focused my education on International Business for three reasons.  One is that my interest in the economics of the world concerns most of our daily lives and how it will affect our lives in the future. For furthering my value to the work force I have dedicated time in the evenings in practicing new languages at the moment my focus is on Russian and German. Secondly was the way that business is changing, becoming more globalized by the year the only way to keep a sustainable career in business is to allow yourself to be a global asset. Finally, International business is a blanket of more than one area of business so that there will be multiple opportunities in the workforce for my education. In the future I do hope to obtain dual citizenship if possible and to be hired into one of the many multinational corporations. I hope that my career will lead me to an area in economics where I can assist and develop new answers to the coming issues in the future. As for my hobbies and interests I spend my free time exercising, primarily in boxing and mixed martial arts currently. In the winter months I enjoy skiing and hunting in the mountains, there is nothing better than what nature has to offer.