PHAR 542 Immunology and Microbiology. Immunology: the body’s innate and adaptive immune responses to infectious agents, as well as diseases that may arise (allergies, autoimmunity) when the immune system attacks innocuous agents. Additional topics include vaccines, tumor immunity and transplantation. Microbiology: an introduction to the classification, morphology and physiology of microorganisms, focusing primarily on the bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, parasites and worms that cause human disease (4 graduate credits; taught by J. McAleer, T. Long). This course is a pre-requisite for PHAR 661 Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases.

PHAR 644 Therapeutics for Endocrine, Genitourinary and Reproductive Diseases. Therapeutic use of medications for treating diseases of the endocrine system and reproductive health conditions. (4 graduate credits; taught by J. McAleer, A. Kimble, T. Pile, J. Browning)

BSPS 340 Immunotherapeutics. The role of the immune system in the pathophysiology of inflammatory diseases including autoimmunity and allergies. Overview of treatments that are used to suppress inflammation during these conditions, or treatments to boost immunity in the context of primary immunodeficiencies, cancer and vaccines (3 undergraduate credits; taught by J. McAleer).