About Myself

My name is Goran Miladinović, and I was born in Kotor, Montenegro. For most of my life, I lived in Tivat, Montenegro but after I decided to pursue my basketball dreams, I ended up traveling all over the world. I lived in Agropoli, Italy for two years where I played for Cilento Basket and learned the Italian language. That makes me trilingual, speaking my mother language Serbian, Italian, and English. After my two years in Italy, I moved to the United States. I first went to Springfield Commonwealth Academy in Massachusetts, but I was not satisfied with my experience there, so I decided to transfer to Hoosac School in New York where I had a great time studying and playing basketball. I would say that basketball helped me travel the world and experience and learn about different cultures and ethnicities. That gave me a unique perspective on the world and life that I would be forever grateful for. 

High School Experience:

I changed four different high schools before graduating from Hoosac School in Hoosic Falls, New York. I started my high school experience at Ivan Goran Kovačić high school in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. I studied architecture and interior design there, but after moving to Italy I started learning about economics. Studying in Italy was really hard considering that I didn’t speak any Italian. After working hard on it I learned Italian during my second year there. When I came to the United States I already knew English because I was studying English in elementary school in Montenegro, since that is required for every child. Adopting to American schools was much easier than adopting to Italian schools since I already knew the language. However, I was not satisfied with my high school experience at Commonwealth Academy which made me transfer to Hoosac School where I graduated after a wonderful year spent in upstate New York.

Work Experience:

I have worked as a senior lifeguard for 2 years at Waikiki Beach in Tivat, Montenegro. During my day-to-day, I was responsible not only for general safety but the set-up and inventory of equipment, personnel management, and the satisfaction of the patrons on the beach. I also have a strong passion for innovation and was able to make improvements at my jobs, such as a new inventory log system and an updated timesheet. I believe my approach to operations would be beneficial to any company. I also believe that I would be an excellent asset because of my international experience and unique perspective and approach.