Interests and Hobbies


  • Growing up in southern West Virginia, I was constantly surrounded with the beauty of nature and the mountains of West Virginia. While I have moved away from the immediate access to the trails and parks in Wyoming County, I still long for the time that I can hike in the evenings in the place I choose to settle post academic-career. 

Click here to see my favorite, beginner-friendly hike:–3

Backpacking and Camping 

  • The summers of my childhood were spent in campgrounds, tent camping with my family. Through the years, I have traveled across the united states with my family to camp in tents and campers. My strongest memories have been in surrounded by a campfire with smores. As I have grown physically, I have begun my journey in backpacking. This is very similar to my interests, as it combines hiking and camping into one activity. 

You can view photos from my last backpacking trip here:


  • Reading was introduced to my life as a child. Outside of the typical reading required in public school systems, my parents took initiative to read daily to my brother and me. Now, I read in my times of stress. Reading is where I find comfort and relaxation. My favorite book is Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. This book brings peace into my mind as it tells about life’s struggles and how Christopher, the main character, overcomes those with his personal religion. 

Read more about Pilgrim’s Progress here: