Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy


The Long research lab is located on the third floor of Stephen J. Kopp Hall at Marshall University. The recently constructed building, which also houses the School of Pharmacy, contains 4,294 sq. ft. of research space. The space has an open lab design to facilitate cross-cutting, collaborative research between investigators with expertise in pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, and medicinal chemistry. Lab facilities include fume hoods for chemical synthesis, cell culture hoods and incubators, chemical storage, a cold room, and a 250-L capacity steam-generated autoclave.

In addition, dedicated core labs that house major research equipment for common use are available to our researchers. These include: 1) an imaging room with plate reader, microscopes, and flow cytometer; 2) a mass spectroscopy lab with an Agilent 6460 triple quad LCMS; 3) a NMR lab with a 300 MHz Bruker magnet equipped with autosampler; 4) a pharmaceutical analysis lab with GCMS, HPLC, rheometer, tablet press, and dissolution apparatuses; and 5) BSL-2 compliant microbial and mammalian cell culture rooms.

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